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Monday, September 9, 2019

The Story of Katie Smile - teeth whitening review and giveaway

I know you are all patiently waiting to hear about my last trip across the pond, a trip I had been looking forward to all summer long.  It was absolutely wonderful, as beautiful as I expected, and all my guides will be up soon.  But before we talk about the trip, I wanted to talk a bit about preparing for a big trip.  Because let's face it, getting ready for a trip to some of Europe's most beautiful cities involves a lot of little steps.  From buying things you need, getting documents in order, all that trip planning, and then the final steps of packing, charging devices, putting travel alerts on your cards and so on.  This trip was a little different than most of my trips where I am hiking somewhere outdoors and taking a lot of pictures of the scenery.  

A confident smile on the bridges of Paris
This trip, I was actually packing nice clothes - no hiking boots and gym shorts in my suitcase.  I planned on taking a lot of pictures on this trip (with me in the frame) and so, there were a few things I knew I needed to do before my countdown hit the single digits. 

      1)  I really needed some fun dresses that would stand out in the city

     2)  I needed to test out some good walking shoes, and

     3) I really needed to make sure this smile was as white as it could be for the 456 photos 
     I was planning on taking.  ** Spoiler: Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I did 

Before - Dull stained teeth thanks to coffee and wine
Swipe Right 
So why am I hyper-aware of teeth right before this trip?  For starters, it's pretty obvious in photos when your smile needs some help and I like to crack a big smile.  It's just sort of been my thing, the squinty-eyed toothy grin. 

I realized my attention-grabbing smile really was "a thing" when my 30-something self decided to make an online dating profile.  Talk about the pressure of being judged off a few close-up photos of your face for the (single male) world to see.  I stayed authentic to me and had a montage of photos of me with that big cheesy smile, mountain biking, hiking, or drinking wine with friends.  My smile was somehow always a topic of conversation and was often the starting point.  Twenty-six first dates later I met Adam who like the others, made a comment on my smile.  

My squinty smile stood out so much that when I gave Adam my number (we hadn't covered the bases of last names - code names required) he saved my number on his phone under the name "Katie Smile".  

Six months later? It's still on the caller ID. 

Long story short, my smile is something I love and something others notice too.  But with that extra attention and this platform where I am constantly posting pictures of myself and my smile, I'm a bit more self-conscious. Looking back at photos, I was suddenly aware of a newfound gap and my dull not-so-white smile.  I had tried all sorts (the whitening toothpaste, the strips) but never with great results.  I remember driving to a first date with those teeth whitening strips on, eventually arriving with some tooth pain and a new glob of whitening strip drool on my dress because #NotGraceful and these whitening strips just plain suck.  They aren't as effective as whitening strips and use a bleaching method that actually strips your teeth of enamel to whiten your teeth (and your dress). 

At the end of the day, I wanted stain removal, not bleaching or harmful procedures that would leave me in pain or peeling what seemed like cemented strips from my teeth.  I also wanted something I could use continually because this avid outdoorsy girl loves her strong coffee at camp in the morning and a glass of wine with my girlfriends in the afternoons.  I was getting desperate and I even considered the whitening offers at the dentist but was turned off by the cost that was not covered by insurance.  Custom-fitted trays are actually the #1 recommended method by dentists. 

Before - Dull stained teeth thanks to coffee and wine 

Easy, affordable, and it works
Using custom-fitted trays provides the best whitening results as teeth are consistently covered at every angle.  And of course, using a tray instead of tacky or slippery strips, it's just plain easier and you won't drool whitening goo on your new dress on your first date.  Pair these custom-fitted trays with a professional-strength whitening gel and you have fast results.  

But how to do this on a budget and without costly dentists visits?  Cue Smile Brilliant with a package for $149.  The average U.S. dentist charges $500+ for the exact same service as Smile Brilliant.  Instead, you can get custom-fitted whitening trays for 70% less and up to 5x faster.  The best part?  You can't even tell you are wearing these liners and they are extremely comfortable. Whiten wherever, whenever. And effectively. 

You better believe I jumped on the bandwagon and I was so impressed with the results.  I saw a change after the first whitening session and after 7, I couldn't believe how white my smile was.  The trays are nearly invisible and you can wear them while cleaning your house, walking the dog, out shopping, or my favorite spot, in the car.  I would whiten right before bed for the best results of if I was short on time, I would pop in those whitening trays on my long drive to Norwalk to see the man who calls me Katie Smile.  


The average person will need 7-14 daily applications to remove all stains from their teeth and I saw these results after 8 applications.  I kept using the trays as instructed and was amazed by the results just 8 applications later.  I would ask someone to take a photo of me and the first thing I noticed was my smile.  I didn't notice the gaps that bothered me or the chip from that High School Reunion (another tale, another time).  I noticed how white my smile was and could see past the staining to see how genuinely happy I was.  I started to understand why it quickly became a topic of conversation, even with strangers on the internet.  It's silly how something as simple as whiter teeth gives us such a boost of confidence.  

I think the best part for me (Katie Wanders, the girl who loves campfire coffee or enjoying a new wine at a street-side cafe) is that once the trays are made, maintaining those pearly whites is simple.  Order more whitening gel and desensitizing gel and boom, you can keep your teeth white for a long time to come. 


I am so thankful for this bright new smile and I want you to have the chance to experience it too.  And let's be honest, what would a post talking all about my lovely new smile be without a chance for you to improve yours too?  Smile Brilliant is offering a $149 valued giveaway to one of you lucky readers. 

One lucky winner will receive a $149 Smile Brilliant credit –
 the value of the T3 Sensitive System 
(customized trays, whitening gel, and desensitizing gel) 
* Open to Australia, Canada, United States 

 If you can't wait, you can use this 
15% off storewide code: 

Such a simple way to boost your confidence, you would be silly not to give it a try.  Life is short, get in the frame, be confident and remember to smile more. 

Happy Smiling, 

Katie Wanders 

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