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Thursday, June 8, 2017

(Outdoorsy) Long Weekend in LA County & VIDEO

Being a weekend warrior is kind of my thing.  I like to cram as many crazy activities into a weekend as possible.  Because I have a full-time job (and horses, and friends, and family, and a routine) it can sometimes be hard to get away for longer periods of time.  But - you don't need a whole week to get away all the time.  Sometimes, you just need an extra long weekend.  

In this case, four days will get you a lovely taste of southern California from hiking and biking to eating and drinking your way around LA County.  If you are looking for a post on Rodeo Drive or how to hike to the Hollywood Sign, this is not it.  This is more of an outdoorsy/less touristy long weekend in the area.  I flew into LA and never really went to LA because, in all fairness, that city just didn't interest me.  Instead, I spent some time in surrounding Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, and Joshua Tree.  Here is how I spent my four days (Friday to Monday) in LA County.


Day 1:  Head to Malibu for a nice day hike with fantastic views.

Enjoy a scenic drive down to Malibu to hike.  Hike Sandstone Peak, the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains.  This is with amazing views of the area from the summit.
Post hike, grab some tacos at Plancha Tacos- cheap easy delicious tacos and burritos.
Have dinner at Jinya Ramen - affordable HUGE portions of delicious ramen.
Walk around downtown Santa Monica and stop for a drink at one of the various bars and restaurants.

Jinya Ramen 

Santa Monica

Start the day off at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  Check out the Santa Monica Pier.  Grab a corndog at "Hot Dog On A Stick".  Ride the bikes down to Cha Cha Chicken and have lunch.   Check out "The Bungalow", trendy bar in a very cool house like building in Santa Monica.

Bike Rentals 

Corn Dogs at Hot Dog On A Stick 

Coconut Chicken at Cha Cha Chicken

Day 3:  Spend the day in Joshua Tree National Park

Get up early, grab sandwiches at a deli and make the trek to Joshua Tree National Park.  Here you can spend the day driving through the park, hiking the second highest peak in the park, and walking among the adorable Cholla Cactus.  For dinner, grab some Poke (amazing sashimi bowl with rice and veggies) from Sweet Fin Poke.

Joshua Tree National Park

Sweet Fin Poke Bowls

Grab the green bikes and head to Venice.  Make sure you walk along the canals!  Stop along the shops and have lunch at Hinano Cafe for a great cheeseburger.  Stop for icecream at delicious Salt and Straw (unique amazing flavors!) Catch a red-eye out at night.

Venice Canals
Burger at Hinano 
Olive and Goat Cheese icecream and Caramel Swirl at Salt and Straw

Feel free to reach out with ANY questions regarding any of these spots or your long weekend in Cali!  

Happy Wandering, 


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