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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

10 Outdoor Articles to Jump Start the Summer Season

It is that time of year.  Sure, a lot of us hike and camp all year round but let's all agree that primo outdoors season in upon us. If you are like me, you are itching to sleep under the stars and may have spent an evening reorganizing all of your camping supplies (guilty).  I figured today's post with links to a bunch of great articles is the best way to get us all prepared for hiking season.  If you are new outdoor lover or a seasoned veteran, these articles cover tips for beginners to long distance hikers.  These are great refreshers to get you ready for everything hiking, backpacking, and camping.   

1.  8 Hiking Tips for Beginners - by Katie Wanders.  
Tips for beginners or a great refresher for even the most experienced hikers!  Sometimes it's important to go back to the basics especially as the season starts anew. 

8 Beginner Backpacking Tips for Women
PC: Alicia Baker, Girl on a Hike
Its a two for one!  I met Alicia out in Salt Lake City and she quickly became my go-to-guru for hiking and all things outdoors!  Her blog is a favorite and she has some amazing tips on her blogs, especially for women, backpackers, and hiking with your dog (see why we get along so well?)  Here we have three tips for any first-time backpacker and 8 tips especially for women.

PC: Kristen Bor- Bearfoot Theory
3.   What to Wear Hiking - Bearfoot Theory
I met Kristen from Bearfoot Theory out in Salt Lake City.  After reading her blog for a while she happily agreed to meet for lunch where we talked about all things outdoors and adventures.  Kristen has a great blog with amazing articles from van life to long distance hiking.  In this article, Kristen shares "What To Wear Hiking"....she knows it's all about layers and being prepared!

4. Hiking Etiquette- by Katie Wanders.  
Simple rules to follow on the trails.  A great reminder on how to act when sharing these gorgeous hiking trails.  

Backpacking Gear List
PC: Alicia Baker, Girl on a Hike
5.  Backpacking Gear List - Girl On a Hike
If you are spending a few days on the trail, you want to be prepared!  Alicia put together this great list for your next backpacking trip.  

6.  Camping Checklist (car camping) by Katie Wanders. 
A complete packing guide for your next camping trip.  You can even grab my printable PDF here.

Backpacking with Dogs, Hiking in Utah with Dogs
PC: Alicia Baker, Girl on a Hike
7.  Backpacking with Dogs - Girl on a Hike
One of the best parts of spending time outdoors is spending it with our four legged friends.  Alicia is sharing some great tips on Backpacking with dogs. 

Very rarely were my trekking poles not in my hands while hiking the Sawtooth Wilderness.

I have to admit, I never believed in trekking poles until I rented a pair to hike Mount Nebo.  Man, was I so glad I had them to get up and down of that terrain.   I am now a believer (yes, I bought a pair!) and Chris is sharing the reasons you should be a believer too.  

Image of bears looking around in the grass field
PC: Paul Turner- Take Outdoors
9.  Guide to Bear Proofing your Campsite - Take Outdoors/Paul Turner  
Paul reached out to me about sharing his article and I a so glad he did!  This is a great lesson/reminder/tips for anyone spending time in the outdoors.  Whether you are dealing with the black bears of New England or the Grizzly's of Yellowstone, it is important to ALWAYS be bear aware.  

Learn how to get your kids on the trail at a young age with these tips or hiking with kids written by an experienced outdoor mama.
PC: Kristen Bor- Bearfoot Theory
This is something I don't have a lot of experience with, but as I get older and my friends start to grow their families, I expect to see more kids on (future) group hikes.  If you plan to hike with kids, or have kids in your group hike, this is a great read to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved ;)

Image result for long distance hiking trails
 Its always good to have goals, right?  If you are interested in long distance hiking trails, Boot Bomb has written a great article on the Top 50 Long Distance Hiking Trails.  Hint: New England made the list (even a trail starting right here on the Connecticut Coastline!)


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