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Monday, November 14, 2016

Gear Review & Giveaway! Hill Hiking Water Bottle/Thermos

It feels good to sloooooooowly start upgrading some of my gear.  And as I find products I like, or companies that I love, I thought this would be a perfect space to share with you all the additions to my gear shelf.  If it is a product was given to me (as this one was) or if it was something I purchased full price on my own (as most my gear reviews are), my opinions are still my own and 100% honest.  So lets ease into a gear chat and talk about my new Hill Hiking Bottle, a Double Walled Vacuum Sealed Insulated 16oz Hill Hiking Water Bottle/Thermos.

Testing out my new bottle on the trail 

I have been wanting to join the fancy water bottle bandwagon for a while.  My beloved Nalgene has stood the test of time, and as sturdy as it is, I needed something with a little more "va va voom".  I wanted something that would keep my steamy drinks hot and my iced drinks cool.  Because taking a nice swigs of hot plastic nalgene water is pretty much the anthem of my summer.  The ice cubes melt instantly and you are left with a jug of uncomfortably warm water.   On the other hand, I need something to keep my hots hot.  Equally as frustrating is when you head out for a quick winter hike with your thermos just to realize your perfect hot tea you lugged to the top is officially of the iced variety.  

I did my research online in search of one of these magic water bottles and I am happy to report that I found a bottle that does both (hoo-rah for less clutter in the cupboards).  I am all about supporting local small companies with a lifestyle brand and customer service I can get behind. I stumbled upon Hill Hiking Outfitters and loved the sleek design and array of colors of the bottles.

Olive Approved!
I wanted something to take on shorter hikes and something that could be used in the different seasons.  I was so excited to read that the bottle kept your beverages cold for 24 hours, and hot for 8 hours.  At just $20, it is one of the most affordable of its kind on the market.  I emailed Casey and he was more than happy to send me over one of his bottles to try (with an extra for one of you lucky readers).  I grabbed a bottle in the dark blue, filled it up and hit the trails.

With the diffuser 

Diffuser on its own
Look inside without the diffuser 
Double Walled Vacuum Sealed Insulated 16oz Hill Hiking Water Bottle/Thermos.

  • Kept my tea hot!  For the first time my tea was still hot when I reached for this bottle at the summit.  It stayed hot for a few hours, and pretty warm thereafter (my tea was still warm 14 hours later). 
  • And kept it cold!  Even after leaving it in my warm car parked in the sun on a nice day for a few hours, there was still ice in the bottle. 
  • Wide mouth on the bottle means you can actually fit ice cubes inside, and you can easily filter water into the bottle if you are out on the trail.
  • It includes a diffuser for teas, fruits, etc.  Easily removed and easy to clean. 
  • Sleek thin design. Fits in standard cup holders (unlike my Nalgene bottle!), which means no more water bottles rolling around my car and trying to retrieve it while driving (guilty). 
  • Screw on top has never leaked.  
  • Outside material almost feels waxy, not slippery, and is easy to grip.
  • Love the array of fun colors.  In my opinion it's one of the best looking bottles on the market.  
  • Great logo without being obtrusive 
  • Sold on Amazon for a low price ($18) and is available via Prime - free 2 day shipping! 
  • Great customer service 

  • Only one size option - the 16 oz is perfect for a drive to the office or a short hike, but I wish they a larger version.
  • Made in China - disappointed to see that a product from a local guy came from China, but understandable to keep the price affordable.  Hope to see it made in the USA in the future. 
  • Diffuser is tiny and doesn't work very well with loose leaf  teas (gets all over the upper side when you go to remove the tray). Best for tea bags and fruit. 

This is the perfect bottle for your morning commute, a quick hike, or if you want to keep a small beverage hot or cold throughout the day.  It is only 16 oz which makes it light and easy to carry, which also fits in most cup holders.  However, it is on the smaller side so if you are hiking in the Sahara for 5 days, this bottle obviously isn't for you.  I love the sleek design and bold colors (rose gold what?!). Great price, perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer - easy free 2 day shipping if you have Amazon Prime. 

Diameter: 66 mm 
Height: 233 mm 
Weight:  11.9 ounces empty with the tea infuser in it. 
11.6 ounces without. 

Need one? 
They make great Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Want to win this bottle? (in black!)
I am making this super easy- a Like To Win contest!
Head to my instagram @Katie.Wanders and make sure you like my post on IG (you also must be following my page to win!).  I will be keeping track and picking one person at random Wednesday 11/16/2016. (I will PM you for your shipping information!)  U.S. lower 48 only. 

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Disclaimer:  This product was provided to me at no cost. But don't you worry, all opinions are my own.  Also, there are affiliate links on this page.  I do make a small commission if anything is purchased through these links (at no cost to you!).  As always, thanks for reading and Happy Hiking.


  1. Great gear review! Love the hiking logo at the bottom. -Alicia @

    1. Thanks Alicia! I do love the logo as well, very clever!

  2. Sounds like a great bottle! I too, wish it was larger. Hopefully that's in the works!

  3. Hill hiking bottle is specially made of hill hiking people, It is too smooth and comfortable to use in the way, It is so nice piece I really like it. Buy the perfect Vacuum Insulated Flask and stainless steel water bottle which is easy to hold & comfortable to drink.

  4. The cap has a button that you push to open it up that I like. It pops open with ease every time.


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