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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cabo Girao - Viewpoint on Madeira Island, Portugal

Cabo Girao
Madeira's highest sea cliff
GPS:  N 32d39'36" W 17d00'18"

Western Madeira is a part of the island where you really start to see the sharp cliff edges and that rugged coastal terrain.  After spending some time with the colorful boats in Camara de Lobos, we continued our travels west a few more miles to a famous viewpoint on the island, Cabo do Girao.  Just 20-30 minutes from Funchal, this is an easy spot to access from the city, and a must-see for its amazing vantage point of the Madeira Coastline. 

                                                          No Car? No Problem!

Book a tour HERE to see this part of the island, 
along with other spots along the west coast of Madeira. 

Sign for the viewpoint, Cabo Girao
Cabo do Girao  is a viewing platform located approximately 3 km (1.8 miles) west of Camara de Lobos, The panorama viewpoint sits on Madeiras highest sea cliffs at about 580m (1,900')

The platform isn't your typical viewpoint, but instead has a glass floor that extends over the edge of the cliff.  This area is not for the faint of heart as you look down through the floor at the Atlantic Ocean nearly 2,000' below you.  The area is open 24 hours, and believe it or not, there is no charge to visit the platform.  Although there is free admission, the bathrooms are .50 euro. 

More Information from

"The cliffs were once part of an ancient volcano and the steep drop of the cliffs continue into the sea south of Cabo Girao. These waters are so deep that it sometimes is possible spot whales feeding in the nutrient rich sea

To extend a visit to the Cabo Girao Cliffs take the cable car down to the Fajas de Cabo Girao terraced fields. The return cable car ride is €5.00 and the route scales down the cliff face. The reason that this inaccessible land has been cultivated for vines is that the south facing cliffs shelter the terraces and radiate the summer heat for the almost perfect growing weather. Previous to the construction of the cable car farmers could only access the field by boat".

View of the Cabo Girao platform from a far
Seacliffs of Western Madeira 

Engraved Cactus in Madeira 
Gift shop and Restrooms at Cabo Girao 
Walkway to the glass viewing platform 
Views from the platform
Amazing views from the Cabo Girao platform 
Base of Cabo Girao from viewpoint 2013.JPG
View straight down from the platform.  Source:  Wikipedia
Walking across the glass platform
Glass floor on the platform with views of the Atlantic below 
Aunt and uncle posing on the platform
Aunt and uncle posing on the platform
Trolly service that visits vetween Cabo Girao and Camaro do Lobos.  

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