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Monday, August 17, 2015

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay Harbor, Maine 

My trip to Boothbay Harbor was a rather last minute one.  I was flying home for work, and suggested to a few friends that we do a little trip down to Gloucester/Rockport, MA to do a little bit of diving and enjoy some time by the water.  Well, turns out it is nearly impossible to book a hotel in that area last minute for an August summer weekend.  So Boothbay Harbor somehow became the trip.  No complaints here!

I had never been to Boothbay so I was so excited.  I had been to Portland, Maine's Capital, and even all the way up to Acadia and Bar Harbor.  Boothbay is somewhere in the middle of Portland and Bar Harbor and is about 5-5.5 hours from where I lived in Connecticut. 

Friday we made the drive north and arrived in Boothbay.  We left around lunch time Friday and hit a bit of traffic but was up in Boothbay before dinner.  It was pretty much exactly what I expected for a small coastal town in Maine, except smaller and more charming than I envisioned. 

We started the day by checking into our hotel, the Tugboat Inn

The rooms were clean and large, breakfast was included, and we had a gorgeous view overlooking the harbor.  The rooms were basically right off the dock and waking up to ocean views just puts a smile on your face, especially when you miss the ocean as much as I do.  First thing we did was go for a walk to stretch out legs.  We went for a walk over the footbridge to see the other side of Boothbay, stretch our legs and watch the sunset.

The first night we ate at a casual restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking the bay.  Between the mussels and the swordfish I was in seafood heaven that first night.  Lobster was on my brain but I was holding out for a lobster roll for lunch.  All the deliciousness without the mess at the dinner table. 

All of the lobster boats and lobster buoys in the Bay remind you how much Maine depends on lobster.  More than that, what would Maine be without lobsters and crusty old fisherman.  Iconic New England tucked away in adorable Boothbay Harbor.  One of the harbor cruises even let you be a "lobsterman for a day" where you could haul traps with a local fishermen for a few hours and see how the locals make their living.

Saturday we went for a Harbor Cruise out of Boothbay.  The cruise toured around Boothbay Harbor with views of several lighthouses, islands, and a trip to see the seals. It was a perfect way to see the Harbor and get a glimpse of the harbor seals in Maine. 

 It was pretty amazing how many islands are scattered around the harbor.  Some are public, and some are privately owned, some have a house or two and some have about 100.

Harbor Seals sunning in Maine!

I definitely reccommend taking one of the cruises around the harbor.  There is something for everyone from Puffin Cruises, to Whale Watching, to Seal and Lobster Hauling cruises. Next time I visit I will be sure to check out the puffin cruise to see these adorable Maine birds. 

After our Harbor Cruise, we asked one of the guys selling tickets where the best lobster roll in town was.  He directed us to Shannons Unshelled, a little lobster "hut" by the foot bridge.  There was one thing on the menu,and one thing only.  Lobster rolls, the only way they should be served, with butter.  I will never understand why people take something as great as lobster and dunk it in Mayo.  

They certainly were not cheap at $18 a lobster roll (just the roll, no sides) but they were absolutely delicious.  The most packed lobster roll I have ever eaten, overflowing with claw and tail meat, with a side of hot butter.  Our only complaint was that the lobster meat was still chilled, not warmed or even room temperature.  

We ended our trip to Boothway with shopping around the tourist traps, and viewing all of the various Inns, B&Bs, and houses around the harbor.  

Wouldn't you just love to live in "Little House" with a garden and a view like that?

Harbor House Inn came highly recommended from a local working at one of the bars so we stopped by to take a peak.  This gorgeous B&B had a gorgeous view of the harbor. 

Boothbay Harbor is the perfect Maine getaway.  Lobster rolls, harbor cruises, shops, delicious foot and beautiful scenery.  If you are looking for a relaxing weekend away, this is a great spot to see.  When I can take a nap on vacation, it ranks pretty high in my books.  It always feels good to be back in that New England charm I miss SO much.  

Thanks for a lovely weekend, Maine. 


  1. That first shot is really top notch! I haven't been up to Maine yet. I've heard there are a lot of outdoor adventures to be had up there, so I do want to head up while I'm so relatively close. I absolutely adore lobster, so I don't know why I haven't been yet!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely make the trip, so beautiful and relaxing! And the best lobster


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