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Friday, December 20, 2013

New York City, New York State

Good Morning!

After a slight hiatus, I am back.  Work got stressful, the weather has been brutal (snowed a few times and temps below 20, and its not even officially winter) and the holidays came full force, so I took a little break from blogging to enjoy the holidays, and focus on making it out of this stint of work alive.

I made it, though I like to say barely.  I was filling in as a driller for a month and a half and man oh man am I glad to be back in the office.   Enough about that, let me fill you in.   A running post will come later, but in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would share my visit to the beautiful NYC.  (Oh and I died my hair- yay for change!)

I have been to the city a handful of times in my life,  but this month, I was able to go twice in three days.  Once for work- drilling and soil sampling in SoHo, and once with my family.

My mother purchased tickets for the family to go see the Rockettes.  This is a bucket list item for me and I was SO excited to see their Christmas Spectacular.   I have heard amazing things about the show, and what rings in the Christmas season better than the Rockettes Christmas Show at Radio City.  Swoon.

The show was amazing, and Radio City was beautiful.  We had early tickets to a show (10am on a Saturday early)  so we walked around, did some (window) shopping, and sat down for a nice lunch.

After lunch we did some more walking around the city, and I went to Central Park for the first time.  It was such a quaint park in the middle of such a busy city.  The horses and carriages made for some excellent shots.

After the park, we did some more walking walking and walking, which I really loved.  I felt like I could have walked around that city all day, watching the people, and taking in the sites.  I am sure that gets old for some but as someone who rarely visits the city,  I am not sure it could have gotten old for me.

Because the group was getting tired, I really had to pick and choose the things I wanted to do in NYC that day, so far we saw the Rockettes and Central Park.  I still wanted to see the 9/11 Memorial, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, go up the Empire State Building, see the Statue of Liberty, and about 100 other things.  We all agreed that attending the 9/11 Memorial would wrap up the day.   If you are thinking about doing this... plan ahead.  You have to go to this one place, get tickets with a scheduled time, then go to the memorial, which has a rather long line and lengthy security process.  We tried to do it on a last minute whim which made it a little stressful, but worthwhile.   The memorial was somber, and absolutely beautiful.  My one compaint is I would have loved some information and statistcs, but I saw they are under construction building a 9/11 museum to go in the memorial.

What a wonderful quick trip(s) to the city.  Enjoy the photos and we will be back to run chatting soon!

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