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Monday, November 12, 2012


Its about that time of year again, when the stitching comes undone on my sneakers, and I waltz into the local running store, SOUNDRUNNER, with my credit card and worn out sneakers in hand.  

I have been interested in the Newtons for some time but was always a little hesitant on the price ($160 is a little steep for sneakers).  The bright colors drew me in and the comfort, style, and extra padding at the ball of my foot kept me intrigued.  When Newton and Soundrunner teamed up to host a Newton Demo run...... I decided this was a good time to see if Newtons and I were a match.  

7:30 am on a Saturday morning I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed a water and a banana and headed to the running store.  (I dont understand the breed of person that can run this early, especially on a weekend).  A lovely Newtons rep fitted me in a pair of sneakers and we headed about for a 3(ish) mile run down to Saybrook Point.  

                                      During the group run I tried on a rockin Hot Pink pair.

  While I really liked the shoe, the Newton rep suggested I try the gravity (equally as hot in neon blue and green!) ---they have a little more support in the heel ( I do some serious heel striking toward the end of a long run when I am very tired and very sloppy)  so this shoe would give me the support when I needed it.  

When I saw and felt the Newtons added support in this area, I was really excited to give these sneakers a try.

(Note that Orange cushy goodness at the bottom/middle of the shoe).  

They were a little weird to get used to but all in all I really liked them.  I felt springy, light, and excited about running again :) 

I have been trying to get into this more "natural" form of running and stay away from heel striking.  The makers of the Newton sneaker claim "Newton running is different.  We call it an active running experience that supports and strengthens your natural running motion".  

My ADIDAS Adizero's were a good transition shoe into this more "barefoot style" of running.  I focused on running on the balls of my feet instead of heel striking.  While I felt a large difference in my shins and knees, the balls of my feet were swelling up, most likely due to this new running motion.   I am hoping that these Newtons with that extra support "bump" solves this issue.  Only way to see is to lace them up and hit the roads!

Will Report Back!

Happy Running!

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