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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sneakers, Tall boots, and Fins

I always find myself a little burnt out after a race.  This race was no exception.  Between horseback riding, scuba diving, and running that half, I had a pair of tired legs.  I got two dives in this week, rode 4 days this week and ran once.   Can you see where my dedication is lacking?  I decided to not worry about running this week and enjoy some of my other hobbies, diving and riding.

(I love love love lobsters :)

Thankfully riding and diving have proven themselves as a good workout and a nice alternative to running.  This weekend I found myself in Gloucester Massachusetts for a diving and drinking adventure.

Saturday morning I met my dive buddy Tom in East Lyme and we made the 3 hour (ish) drive to Gloucester MA.  The "big kids" were doing a boat dive for scallops while Tom and I did two shore dives.  The visibility was breathtaking, the sea life was abundant, and the water was FREEZING.

After the dive I headed back to the hotel room, took a hot shower, and got dressed for a night on the town.  A few beers and a lot of Jack Daniels later I was bouncing around the bar in denial of my early wake up call to make it back to CT for a horse show.  Such an amazing night with some amazing new friends led to a less amazing morning racing home to get back in time for my horse show, hang over in tow.

Now that fall is approaching and the temperature is dropping, horse showing and diving are slowing down.  That means it is time to boost my running schedule.  Winter is my favorite time of the year to run.  Anyone else love running when the thermometer drops below 50?

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