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Thursday, March 17, 2011

56 and Sunny

What a beautiful day!  It is 1:42 and it is 56 and sunny out there!

This morning I put on my shamrock socks and met Rob for a 10 mile scenic run around Lyme... GO US! It was a great run, we parked at Lyme Public Library, ran to Salem Road, stretched, and continued on.  Salem road was beautiful, to the right is a large dam and river/lake.  We took a right onto Gungy rd. which was a good hill workout as well as very scenic (pretty barns, fields, etc).  At the end of Gungy we took a right onto Beaver Brook that met back up with 156.  We ran back to the library, threw a high five, and headed home.  

By the way, my families little Italian greyhound Peterson ran the full 10 miles no problem! I

 hope you are all taking advantage of this sunny day and hit the track/roads!  I am off to ride my horses.  Enjoy your St Pattys day and Happy Running!

P.S.  if you cant make it out today, its going to be 63 tomorrow! get out there!

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